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Bag of Parisi Coffee featuring signature of Peter Vermes
Bag of Parisi Coffee featuring signature of Peter Vermes
Bags of Parisi Coffee and cups of coffee beans
Bag of Parisi Coffee featuring signature of Peter Vermes

Il Mentore

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Hand-selected by Peter Vermes, this espresso blend showcases notes of Chocolate, Caramel, Tropical & Stone Fruit with a bouncy and round body.

As the second blend in our Tifosi Series, we at Parisi Coffee named this espresso blend "IL MENTORE" in honor of Sporting Kansas City Manager Peter Vermes. Vermes is the longest-tenured head coach in MLS history, having led Sporting to four major trophies and nine postseason appearances. His leadership spans across a generation of American soccer. He is the only person ever to win the MLS Cup as both a player and a coach with the same team. To fans and pundits, he is a bold leader who champions hard work, intelligence, selflessness and the pursuit of excellence. To up-and-coming players and managers, Vermes is a tireless guide and mentor, sharing a perspective that few other coaches could, at all hours of the day and night.

"From many paths, we become one. We are Sporting." - Peter Vermes

A blend of Parisi's Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and Mexico Oaxaca single origin coffees, this signature espresso was blended by our Head Roaster {Nick Scott} and selected by the Sporting Kansas City Manager {Peter Vermes}. With the citrus and fruity notes of our Ethiopian coffee we evened the blend by adding the constant and balanced tones of chocolate and caramel of our Mexico Oaxaca.